Spring Work Party - 29th May, 2011

On Sunday, 29th May, 2011, a total of 29 Legion members took part in a work party to ensure that the Branch is up to snuff for the D-Day Parade week.

Members of the work party split up into groups and did various tasks around the branch including sweeping the parking lot, checking plants in the front gardens, erecting fencing in the horseshoe pits, cutting down dead branches from trees in the horseshoe pit area, cleaning chairs in branch and doing an inventory of chairs upstairs in the banquet hall.

After the work was done, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal brought in by fellow comrade Peter Martin.

The following Branch 36 members deserve a round of applause and thanks for their hard work in cleaning up the Branch, and we hope that more of you turn out for the Fall Work Party at the beginning of Remembrance Day week:

  Branch 36 Annual Spring Work Party Members
Mike Alkerton
Tony Bratschitch
Dave Burden
Mary Burden

Terry Calder
Elmer Cantello
Lorne Evans
Hal Hamilton
Stan Hicks
Geof Hodgson
Dale Lucking
Peter Martin
John Murphy

Larry O'Connor
Len Owen
Leo Shaidle
Gord Sharpe
Jim Sherring
Dave Steele
Doug Rivers
Ian Taylor

Peter Whittaker


1.  Work Party members relax and enjoy a meal after cleaning up the Branch.


Jim Sherring and Larry O'Connor relax and after cleaning up the Branch.


Dave and Marie Burden relax and enjoy a meal after cleaning up the Branch.


4.  Peter Martin relaxes and enjoys the meal after cleaning up the Branch.