On Sunday, 7th November, 2010, a total of 29 Legion members took part in a work party to ensure that the Branch is up to snuff for Remembrance week.

A great amount of work was accomplished by all to clean up the Branch 36 grounds and interior.   Remains of a tree were removed at the front of the Branch, a new dedication plaque to Harold Hall was installed, the horseshoe pitches were prepared for the winter, and a general cleanup of the Branch grounds were done.

After the work was done, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal brought in by Peter Martin from Freshline Foods.  Pictures of those taking part follow below.


1.  Geof Hodgson


2.  Terry Calder and Larry O'Connor


3.  Jim Sherring


4.  John Blair


5.  Leo Shaidle


6.  Stan Hicks


7.  Leo Shaidle and Stan Hicks hard at work


8.  Donny Brooks


9.  Len Owen


10.  Lorrie Deneau and Maryann Blair


11.  John Blair, Roy Laufman, Brody Howlett and Jordan Deneau


12.  Terry Calder, Jack Murnaghan and John Blair


13.  Leo Shaidle


14.  Brody Howlett and Jordan Deneau


15.  Harold Hall Memorial Plaque


16.  Brian Poole


17.  John Blair


18.  John Murphy


19.  Sandra Hicks


Kathy Howlett, Sandra Hicks and Lorrie Deneau


21.  Finally able to sit down and rest


22.  Relaxation and conversation at last


23.  Paul Penney, Stan Hicks, Jim Sherring, Hal Hamilton, Terry Calder and Len Owens slaking their thirst after all that work


24.  Len Owen, Terry Calder, Hal Hamilton, Stan Hicks and Jim Sherring having pleasant conversation


25.  Jim Sherring


26.  Jordan Deneau, Brody Howlett, Peter Whittaker and
Lorrie Deneau smile for the camera


27.  Darren and Liam Rust and Mike Alkerton


28.  Brian Poole and Larry O'Connor


29.  Marilyn Latchford, Sandra Hicks and John and Maryann Blair


30.  Someone cracked a joke


31.  Tucking in to a well-earned meal


32.  Such a selection - if only those present knew about this


33.  Peter Martin (donator of the food), Hal Hamilton and John Blair view meal and make their selections


34.  The tasty meal covering 2 tables was donated by Peter Martin


35.  Enjoying the food


36.  Lorrie Deneau, Jordan Deneau and Brody Howlett enjoy their meal


37.  Liam Rust and dad Darren enjoy a tasty meal


38.  Brian Poole has seconds


39.  Hal Hamilton and Mike Alkerton (standing) with Terry Calder, Len Owen and Stan Hicks (seated)


40.  Jim Sherring building an enjoyable plate

Photographs supplied courtesy Peter Whittaker