Welcome to Valley City Branch 36 Skit Night

Above our Branch President and Master of Ceremonies
What a great night it was we had a full house and lots of laughs below are links to photos of our skits

1)    Photo's of some of our cast 9)    Some of the shapeliest Can Can Dancers
2)    Nancy and Karen as Mr And Mrs Short 10)  Sheik Bill and his Harem
3)    Gary as Little Miss Prim 11)  Sue and Fay You need hands
4)    Jane as a pussycat 12)  Nancy doing Michael Jackson
5)    Mike as Michelina the Ballerina 13)  Flo and Audrey as Laurel & Hardy
6)    Al, Flo, Jane and Audrey singing Sweet Adeline 14)  Dianna Loss & the Sucretes
7)    Jane's Impersonation of Marilyn Munroe 15)  Some miscellaneous photo's
8)    Jim and Marilyn ?????  

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