Frequently Asked Questions about Hall Rentals

1.    Can we bring our own drinks, eg. wine for a wedding or jello shooters for a stag and doe?

      No.  You are not allowed to bring alcohol into the hall.

2.  Can we decorate the hall?

     Yes, but you cannot use pins, tacks, staples or scotch tape on the walls.  We recommend "blue tack"

     a putty-like substance available at most dollar and hardware stores, or "painter's tape".

3.   Is the banquet hall air conditioned?


Is there wheelchair access and handicapped facilities?

     Yes, there is an elevator to the banquet hall, and handicapped washrooms are available.

When can we come in and decorate?

     Usually you can get in to decorate any time after noon on the day of the event.  In some cases, if the hall is not booked,
     you can get in the night before.  Always check with the Banquet Hall Chairman.

Do we have to take down our decorations immediately following and event

     Yes, it is preferred that you take down your decorations right after your event. 
     If it is on a Friday, others may have to get in to decorate for Saturday. 
     The hall is closed on Sundays.


If you have any other questions or concerns regarding rental of the banquet hall, please contact

Doug Rivers, Banquet Hall Chairman 

Phone:  905-628-3065,