Executive and Committee Members 2009-2010      

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 36             

Tel. (905) 627-7221    email: rclbr36@cogeco.net

For June 1st 2009 - May 31st 2010

John Murphy

All Committees


Past President

Mike Alkerton

Membership, Charities,
All Committees

1st Vice President

Dawn Lewis

Co-Chair Ways & Means

2nd Vice President

Lynn Horner


Canteen Chair

3rd Vice President
Al Blackburn

Co-Chair Ways &


Sue Best

Resale, Bursaries, Seniors


Dale Lucking




Murray J. Floyd


Executive Member

Gerry Belec

Poppy Fund Chair

Executive Member

Lorne Evans

Youth Education Chair

Executive Member

Wayne McKay

Ways & Means

Executive Member

Len Owen

Sports Chair

Executive Member

Suzi Mellen

Honours & Awards
Membership Co-Chair

Executive Member

Peter Whittaker

Public Relations &
 Webpage Support

Editor - Branch 36 Bullytin

Executive Member
Jim Byron

Color Party Commander


Executive Member

Bill Hyslop

Veterans Service Officer

Executive Member

Stan Hicks
Sick / Last Post Chair


Executive Member

Gord Sharpe

Special Events Chair

No picture available

Executive Member

Kristen Blair
Banquet Hall Rental

Ladies Auxiliary
Terrie Gubbins

Executive Member

Hal Hamilton

House Chair


Executive Member

Eamon Morgan

Entertainment Chair

Branch 36 Padre

The Reverend Canon
Jim Sandilands

St. James Church






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