Branch 36 Honours and Awards
Ladies Auxiliary Presentations

Sunday, 29th May, 2022
Opening Ceremonies
O Canada

Toast to the Queen - Branch 36 President - Doug Rivers
Toast to the Legion and Branch 36 - Past President - Gord Sharpe
Introductions - Honours and Awards Chair - Al Boyle


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Photographs of Luncheon and Awards Ceremonies

                                                                                                        All photographs courtesy Paul Wright - Paul Wright Photography

Awards Presentations

Affiliate Voting Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Dorothy Ballstadt

Andre Belemare

William Dodds

David Hillsley

Cathy Howes

Leo Laviolette

Ken Martin

Robert Potocic

Thain D.Roche

Shearer, Ken

David C. Sjoblom

Aaron T. Smith

Eleanor Southren

Filomena Tassi

Gary Whittingstall

Richard Wood

10 Years

Charles  P. Barnard

Mike Empey

Eric Gilruth

Merton A. Hambly

Elaine Leroux

Patricia A. Newton

Richard W. Parkin

Kathleen G. Sturrup

Kevin Townsend

John Weylie

Mary Whittaker

Gregory P. Wright



15 Years

David J. Comeau

Peter Curtis

Donald Hall

Teresa S. McConnell

Joseph McDonald

George W. Palmer

George J. Rankin

Wayne Robillard

Dan Wright

Paul Zimmerman

17 Years

Tom Belbeck

20 Years

George Benton

Barry Jordan

Randy Kynast

Ian Sutcliffe


Associate Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

James H. Bennitt

Richard Chorney

Joe Da Silva

Paul Dicecca

Thomas J. Griffith

Peter T. Howard

Heather Johnson

Gordon L. Kennedy

Barry Leclere

Theresa McGillicuddy

Jim McLaren

Marian E. Miles

Donna M. Murray

Bernard G. Nixon

David Pottier

Gregory Richardson

George W. Rioux

Leanne Robinson

Barbara Smith

Wendy Torresin

John H. Westoby

Kevin J. Westoby



10 Years

Robert Bodden

Anthony C. Czerneda

Richard Dix

Douglas S. Johnson

Karen Johnson

John M. Jukes

J. P. King

Susan L. Kobylinski

John G. Livesey

Delaine Lowe

Wendy Margaret Page

Douglas E. Rivers

Adriana Romkes

Debra Scardamaglia

Beverley Westoby

Bruce Youngblud

Jill Zess

15 Years

Joseph G. Chamberlain

Stephanie L. Cooley

David Howlett

Daniel M. Robinson

Bill Rutherford

Joy Rutherford


20 Years

Patricia Anne Copeman

Jim Croome

Francis Harrington

Gary L. Logue

Susan V. Logue

Donald Muir

Michael Renton

Stuart Smith


25 Years

James R. Bradley

Wayne Buck

Bruce Doige

Colemen W. Leaman

Neil Pratt

Shane A. Wickens


30 Years

Ernest R. Abel

Anthony F. Bentham

Beverley A. Hudson

Martin W. Parker


35 Years

M. E. Abel

D. J. Anderson

Larry Birdsell

Innes G. Dalgetty

John A. Day

L. Hedger

J. D. Johnston

T. L. Kobylinski

Douglas E. Lappin

35 Years

W. M. Leckie

Ivan E. McLean

J. F. Mills

G. A. Paterson

W. Southall

Dana J. White

L. F. Wickens


40 Years

B. J. Ayerst

Dan L. Cornell

Peter D. Ewen

Edward C. Gatley

G. B. Griffith

R. J. Grodecki

R. J. Gubbins

W. G. Howes Jr.

S. R. Jeater

E. J.  Lewis

J. S. Lewis

B. A. Parker

Charles E. Parsons Jr.

C. Robinson


45 Years

B. E. Gordon

Wayne Peters

William S. Ralston

R. J. Tasker





Ordinary Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Grace Dumayne

Mary Jane McHugh

John B. Rozomiak

Neil W. Watson


10 Years

J. Blackborow

Mike Pearson

Tammy Valois


15 Years

David W. Hawthorne

Shawn Peter Lewis

Martin Rush


20 Years

Karen Birnie

Mark J. D. Broadbent

Mary T. Parsons


25 Years

James W. Byron

Richard C. Dowdy

M. Lupal


30 Years

Rodney J. Gallant

L. Sharp


35 Years

Douglas C. Hildebrand

40 Years

J. R. Kellett

W. J. Willis


45 Years

M. Acoin

David A. Graves

Howard E. Smith


50 Years

Stanley J. Kobylinski


55 Years

William G. Murry


60 Years

H. Nelson

Life Voting Member - Years of Service Pin

35 years

H. M. Kobylinski


Executive Officers - Medals - Presented by Shirley Beaton, Zone B6 Commander

Doug Rivers - Past President Bar

Gord Sharpe - Life Membership Bar

Janice Mancini - Officer’s Medal, 1st Vice President Bar

Dave Hawthorn - Officer’s Medal, 2nd Vice President Bar

Al Boyle - Officer’s Medal, 2nd Vice President Bar, 3rd Vice President Bar, Honours and Awards Bar

Bill Ralston - Officer’s Medal, 3rd Vice President Bar, Honours and Awards Bar

Stan Sklepowicz - Officer’s Medal, Sports Bar

Peter Howard - Officer’s Medal, Ways and Means Bar

Barb Smith - Officer’s Medal, Entertainment Bar

Rick Valois - Parade Commander Bar, Exec Comm Bar

Greg Sherring - Colour Commander Bar, Exec Comm Bar


Certificates and Medals

Gary Jamison - Branch Service Medal

Stan Kobylinski - 50 year Medal

Jim Byron - Certificate of Merit

2022 Legionnaire of the Year
Wayne O'Connor - Legionnaire of the Year for 2022

Closing Ceremonies
Shirley Beaton, Legion Zone B Commander delivered message to attendees
Closing Ceremonies - Doug Rivers, President, Br. 36

God Save the Queen

March off the Colours 

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