Branch 36 Honours and Awards
Ladies Auxiliary Presentations

Sunday, 1st March 2020
Opening Ceremonies

Toast to the Queen - Janice Mancini - 1st Vice President  Branch 36

Toast to the Legion - Mike Alkerton

Toast to the Ladies Auxiliary - Stan Sklepowicz

Grace - Branch 36 Pastor - Jim Sandilands

Introductions - Honours and Awards Chair - Al Boyle - 3rd Vice President


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1. Pictures of Presentations at 2020 Honours and Awards Event

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                                                                                             All photographs courtesy of Paul Wright

2.  Other Pictures taken at 2020 Honours and Awards Event

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                                                                            All photographs courtesy of Paul Wright

Awards Presentations

Affiliate Voting Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

George W. Campbell

Gerry Dowall

Anne Fox

Sean Furlong

Marion Gunn

Janice Mancini

James Murphy

Joseph Murphy

Lisa Rankin

Kimberley Ryckman

Michael Ryckman

Benjamin Watson

Gary Whittingstall

10 Years

Wayne Binkley

Del Britz

Jean Davin

Jim Fitzpatrick

Fred Lutz

William R. MacPhail

Gary Morrison

Scott Rorie

Frank Voisin

15 Years

Peter W. Acheson

Douglas Anderson

Steven Dall

Gary Forrester

Judy Hall

Judith Ann Morley

Marguerite Mulder

Brian Poole

20 Years

Brian Ellison

Randy Gray

Ron Lewis

Shawn Maillet

Archie McQueen

Patricia Ann Risk

Associate Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Patricia L. Anderson

John N. Binkley

Janet Fleming

Anne Marie Foord

Anne Grisdale

Gary Ingram

Stephen J. Lazier

Dorothy E. Matthews

Bob Raynsford

William J. Renton

Susan Webber

10 Years

Linda S. Amaolo

Brian Conry

Andrew H. Cranbury

Patricia A. Cranbury

Rick Fountain

Katherine Howlett

Paul W. Mungar

Joseph A. Thorogood

15 Years

Caroline Bonner

Johnathan J. Foord

Brenda C. Glass

Anthony K. Heyer

Marie K. O'Connor

Gregory P. Sherring

William H. Thornton

20 Years

George Frederick Haddock

Doug Harvey

Sandra J. Hicks

Brian Holme

Anne-Louise Martin

Albert F. Reinholdt

Bettina Slaght

Andrew S. Theroux

Susan Valentine

25 Years

Michael Wayne Rankin

Garret Spencer

30 Years

Michael J. Quinlan

Edmond W. Zess

35 Years

Ben Bart

R.L. Foord

Shirley Rankin

40 Years

J. Bart

I.C. Clark

Maureen McLeod

Don R. Smith

Teresa Wright

45 Years

Larry A. Baird

Fred G. Green

L.F. Rayner


Lifetime Members - Years of Service Pins
25 Years

Paul Penney

40 Years

Mike Nixon


Ordinary Members - Years of Service Pins

5  Years

Ronald G. Anderson

James S. Bisson

Alex E. Caldwell

Donald H. Caldwell

Joe Sherring

Frank Van Hillenaar

 10 Years

A.C. Allard

James D. Holmes

Darren A. Rust

Janet Whiting


15 Years

M. Gary Jamieson

William A. Lowe

Larry McMorran

20 Years

Donald S. Birnie

Geoffrey Hodgson

30 Years

Douglas E. Brand

Sandra L. Lampman

35 Years

J.P. Holroyd

Dennis B. Moyer

45 Years

K.J. Chiles

Wm. James French

J.M. Kobylinski

J.T. Peeters

H.A. Schiller


Robert J. Welsh

55 Year - Bar

R.J. Robinson

60 Year - Bar

Wesley Brindle

Officers - Medals
- Presented by Doug Rivers, President Branch 36