Branch 36 Honours and Awards
Ladies Auxiliary Presentations

Sunday, 3rd March 2019
Opening Ceremonies

Toast to the Queen - Branch 36 1st President - Doug Sharpe

Toast to the Legion and Branch 36 - Past President - Bill Ralston

Introductions - Honours and Awards Chair - Bill Ralston


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Awards Presentations

Affiliate Voting Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Dave Butler

Danny Glumicic

John Matthie

James Miles

Paul Peacock,       

Cheryl Watkins

Judy Wilson

Diane Zonlinski

10 Years

Terry Calder

Abbey Hebert

Jim Layne

John MacLean

Tom Mandy,

Jim   McLaughlin

Donald Newton

Susanne Steel

Robert Twitchett

15 Years

Dennis Baker

William McDonald

Jason Rittner

20 Years

Albert Delsey

Peter Nickel

40 Years

Kimberly Place

Associate Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Shari Barnard

Cathie Belmore

Sandra Blackadar

Keith Crawford,

Curtis Holme

Frank Jones

James Ouellete

Joy Sharpe

10 Years

Richard Antsy

Dave Bart

Mark Fleming

Colleen Harrison

Robert Klodt,     

Moira Martin

John Meagher

Russ Purchase

David Pyle

Thomas Schram      

Ruth Syms

Christopher Turner

Robert Turner

15 Years

Alan Boyle

Dianna Diablo

David Eden

James Gordon

Andrew Gregory,

Ronald Jameson

Lorena McAvella

Brenda Tebay

William Westoby

20 Years

David Burse

Lee Johnston

Robert Kay

Jean Kirby

Stan Sklepowicz,   

Susan Sklepowicz

25 Years

Peter Arnold

John De Wilde

Michael Horner

Fay Kielty

Daniel McLaren,   

Paul Penney

John Thornton

30 Years

Edward Desroches

Larry Green

Dougas Palmer

Sean Paris,

Martin Parker

Gord Sharpe

Larry Van Sickle

35 Years



Harry Simpson

40 Years

Joan Alkerton


Deborah Cooley

Donald Genrick

Ken Sculley,  


45 year

Shelly.K. Arnold

Alan Bury


John Horner

Dale Lucking

Ray Seaton,


Brian White

Ordinary Members - Years of Service Pins

10 Years

Alan Blackborow

John Bolton

Vincent Demascio

Hugh Graham, 

Richard Hewins

Delno Lister

Kenneth Morrison

James Pattinson,

Nick Seifert

Rick Valois

Joanne Whitney

Douglas Wood

15 Years

Gary Jameson

Sylvia May

Alex, Mouriopoulos

Terrence Zuliniak

20 Years

Brian Hughes

Albert Lewis

25 Years

Robert Boyle

40 Years

Mike Nixon

45 Years

Ronald Freeman

Norman Hopkins

Joseph Nagy

Joe Whittaker

55 Years

Ernest Brown

Daniel Shaw

Officers - Medals
- Presented by xxxx xxxxxxx, Zone B6 Commander

Certificates and Medals


Ladies Auxiliary
Deborah Cooley - Ladies Auxiliary President Br.36 presented a donation of $3,000 to Doug Rivers , 1st Vice President of Br.36

Charities Committee
Donations of $xxxxx each made to local Sea, Army and Air Cadets

Poppy Fund
Acceptance of $15,000 for Juravinski Hospital Cancer Research - Helaine Ortman
Acceptance of $15,000 cheque for St.Joseph's Villa Veterans - Don Davidson

2019 Legionnaire of the Year

No-one selected for Legionnaire of the Year for 2019

Closing Ceremonies

John Gloziak, Legion Zone B Deputy Commander delivered message to attendees

Comments on Bursaries - Mike Alkerton
, Membership Chair, Br. 36

Closing Ceremonies - Doug Rivers, 1st Vice President, Br. 36

God Save the Queen

March off the Colours

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