Branch 36 Honours and Awards
Ladies Auxiliary Presentations

Sunday, 4th March 2017
Opening Ceremonies

March on the Colours

O Canada

Toast to the Queen - Branch 36 President - Gord Sharpe

Toast to the Legion and Branch 36 - 1st Vice President - Doug Rivers

Grace - Branch 36 Pastor - Jim Sandilands

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Introduction of Head Table members and guests from other Legion Branches
by Bill Ralston - Honours and Awards Chair

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Awards Presentations

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Awards Presentations

Years of Service Pins were presented to members of Branch 36 members by:
Branch 36 President Gord Sharpe
1st Vice President Doug Rivers
2nd Vice President Bill Ralston
3rd Vice President Dave Hawthorne

Ladies Auxiliary Awards by Br.36 Ladies Auxiliary - Debbie Cooley

Poppy Fund Certificates of Appreciation Presentations by Jim Byron - Branch 36 Poppy Fund Chair

Milt Aucoin
Jim Bolegoh
Jim MacIntyre
Charlie Parsons
Bill Ralston
Pat Risk
Doug Rivers
Len Sharpe
Jill Zess

Branch 36 Certificates of Appreciation by Doug Rivers, 1st Vice President to:

Caitlin Robinson

Past Officer's Bars - Presented by Gord Sharpe - President Branch 36

Doug Rivers - 1st Vice President Bar

Bill Ralston - 2nd Vice President Bar
Dave Hawthorne - Executive Bar

Charities Committee Presentations of Cheques to Army and Air Cadet Corps by Gord Sharpe, Branch 36 President

?????  Reid for 2685 Hamilton Wentworth Artillery Cadet Battery
????? ???? ?????? for 735 Firebird Squadron Air Cadets

Doug Rivers, 1st Vice President, on behalf of Branch 36,
presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Caitlin Robinson
to recognize her for her volunteer work around the Branch.


Ladies Auxiliary
Debbie Cooley, Ladies Auxiliary President Br.36 presented a donation of $2,000 to Gord Sharpe, President of Br.36 who placed it in the Legion's building fund.

Charities Committee
Donations of $2,000 each were made to local Sea, Army and Air Cadets

???? ???? Reid accepted cheque for 2685 Hamilton Wentworth Artillery Cadet Battery
????? ???? ????? accepted cheque for 735 Firebird Squadron Air Cadets

Poppy Fund

Acceptance of $15,000 for St.Joseph's Villa Veterans - Don Davidson and ????? ??????????
Acceptance of $15,000 for Juravinski Hospital Cancer Research - Helaine Ortmann



Closing Ceremonies

God Save the Queen

March off the Colours

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