Branch 36 Honours and Awards
Ladies Auxiliary Presentations

2nd March 2013
Opening Ceremonies

Toast to the Queen - Branch 36 President - Dawn Lewis

Toast to the Legion and Branch 36 - Past President - Mike Alkerton

Grace - Branch 36 Pastor - Jim Sandilands

Introductions - Honours and Awards Chair - Gary Jamieson


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                                                                                                                                       All photographs courtesy of Karen Robillard

Awards Presentations

Affiliate Members Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Ron Adamovich

Lloyd Adams

Tony Bratschitsch

Mike Gray

Cheri Harrington

Debbie Held

Shaun Hughes

Russell Pape

Ann Parker

Pat Poyner

Bob Poyner

Delbert Willet

10 Years

Daniel W. Graydon

Roy Stanley Gunn

David J. Murphy

John David Olsav

James Sandilands

15 Years

Wayne G. Birch

Brad Cliff

Donald F. Durst

Glenn Ehrlich

Rodger Fenton

R.J. Forrester

Edna Hall

Geraldine M. Hopkins

J.K. Hopkins

Dick Howarth

Al Ingram

R.A. Ingram

Steve Jewell

Rick Lane

Roy Laufman

C.J. Lewington

Steven M. Lewington

Gary Livor

Peter James McGinnis

15 Years

Glenn E. McMurray

L. O'Connor

M.J. O'Connor

Paul Perreault

R.W. Potter Jr

J.H. Robinson

J.G. Smith

Andrew Tapajna

Thelma Lydia Taylor

Marv Turpin

Andrew Van der schee

Bruce White

Walter G. Willette

R.W. Wilson

Robbin R. Wright


Associate Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Carly Arnold

Debbie Kotzer

Eric Lewis

John McCurdy

Euphemia Murphy

James Neadles

Raymond Richards

Adrianna Romkes

Angela Schram

Matthew Stempien

Gillian Thompson

10 Years

Bev Brooks

Elmer Cantelo

Robert Howard

Brian Michael Lavery

Jason Lewis

Marvin James McAvella

Ann McIntosh

Bettie Anne Nixon

Peter Shepherd

Christopher W. Slote

15 Years

Joan Belmore

Al Blackburn

Don Brooks

Fred Button

Patricia Dianne Finlin

William Hopkins

Jim Kielty

Elizabeth C. Overholt

Charles Readman

Mary Rumley

20 Years

John L. Beattie

Peter Downey

Terrie Gubbins

Marion Hunt

John W. White

25 Years

Bill Buist

Mary Hannah

Peter Whittaker        

30 Years

Steve Nicholson


35 Years

J.W. Bennitt

Sharon Harris

John MacIntyre

David Warren

40 Years

Harry Prentice

Grant Rumley

Ordinary Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

James Brown

Lloyd Hannis

Mark Mainprize

Terence Ryan

Walter Turner

Peter Young

 10 Years

John Clark

James D. Couper

Herbert George Gallifent

Joshe Jenne

15 Years

Telford Anderson

Matthew Burse

Sybren Catier

Raymond Michael Shortman

20 Years

Morley Balinson

Ernest A. Bodden

Donald S. Knapp

25 Years

F. Bailey

Sue Lybarger

30 Years

W.G. Armstrong

David R. Beck

Dennis MacInnis

35 Years

J.O. Pollard

B.R. Stroud

40 Years

J.L. Buchanan

George Ferguson

Stan Rankine

Mike Williamson

45 Years

Frank Melia

Ray Newington

Sterling Rayner

50 Years

A.A. Alkerton

Executive Officers - Medals - Presented by Jim Chesterfield, Zone B6 Commander

Jim Byron - Sergeant at Arms Bar

Gary Jamieson - Executive member bar

Doug Rivers - Executive member bar

Rick Valois - Veterans Services Officer Bar

Tammy Valois - Executive member bar

Certificates and Medals

Mark Mainprize - Certificate of Appreciation
Janet Whiting - Certificate of Appreciation
Pat Raynsford - Certificate of Merit

Geoff Hodgson - Volunteer Service Medal

Faye Kielty - Volunteer Service Medal
Marie Kobylinski
- Volunteer Service Medal
Greg Sherring - Volunteer Service Medal
Chris Slote - Volunteer Service Medal

Karen Robillard
- Volunteer Service Medal
Bryan White
- Volunteer Service Medal
Peter White
- Volunteer Service Medal


Ladies Auxiliary
Terrie Gubbins, Ladies Auxiliary President Br.36 presented a donation of $2000 to Dawn Lewis, President of Br.36

Charities Committee
Donations of $2000 each made to local Sea, Army and Air Cadets
Poppy Fund

Acceptance of $15,000 for St.Joseph's Villa Veterans - Maureen Ellis
Acceptance of $15,000 for Juravinski Hospital Cancer Research - Helaine Ortmann

2013 Legionnaire of the Year

Peter Martin

Closing Ceremonies

Jim Chesterfield, Legion Zone Commander delivers message to attendees

Closing comments by Mike Alkerton, Past President, Br. 36

God Save the Queen

March off the Colours

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