Branch 36 Honours and Awards
Ladies Auxiliary Presentations

3rd March 2012
Opening Ceremonies

Toast to the Queen - Branch 36 President - John Murphy
Toast to the Legion and Branch 36 - Past President - Mike Alkerton
Grace - Branch 36 Pastor - Jim Sandilands
Introductions - Charlie Parsons - Honours and Awards Chair

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All Photographs courtesy of John Murphy

Awards Presentations

Affiliate Members - Years of Service Pins

5 Years

Bill Arbour
Jason Brock
Nancy Doyle
Donald Hall
David Moore
George Palmer
John Rankin
Gordon Ross

5 Years

Penny Ross
Cameron Rusk
Barry Stoltz
Ruth Tomkins

Judy Willson

10 Years

George Benton
Linda Brock
Barry Jordan
Randy Kynast
Gord Osmand
Ian Sutcliff
Hans Wilklund
Larry Woodworth


Associate Members - Years of Service Pins
5 Years

John Blair
Tanya Borsellino
Joseph Chamberlain
Stephanie Coolie
Jordan Deneau
Wayne Kay
Jane Kobylanski
Jessica Moffat
C. Robinson
Tracy Rooke
Bill Rutherford
Joy Rutherford
James Spring

10 Years

Patricia Copeman
Lorrie Deneau
Rachel Glover
Joyce Moore
Donald Muir
Robert O'Rourke
Wendy Page
Barbara Patterson
Patricia Raynsford
15 Years

Susan Best
Fred Button
Bruce Doidge
George Oliver
Gloria Vandergeld
Robert White

20 Years

Anthony Bentham
Beverley Hudson
Catherine Mills
Carolyn Moore
Ken Owen

25 Years

D.J. Anderson

Larry Birdsell

John Day

J.G. Johnson

H.M. Kobylinski

T.L. Kobylinski

Douglas Lappin

W.M. Leckie

J.F. Mills

Robert J. Sedentopf

W. Southall

J.A. Thorton

Dana White

Len Wickens

30 Years

Peter Ewen
Edward Gately
R.J. Gubbins
W.G. Howes Jr.
S.R. Jeater
William Selbie
Robert Skarica

35 Years

G. Cornell
Wayne Peters
William Ralston
R.J. Tasker


Ordinary Members - Years of Service Pins
5 Years

Mary Anne Blair
Thomas Burrows
Albert Butterweck
Robert Craig
J. Bruce Delottinville
Raymond McClemont
Bernard Selway
Arthur Spring

10 Years

Karen Birnie
Mark Brodbent
John Mathieson
Meaghan Nixon
Melvin Preston

15 Years

James Byron 
M.M. Lupal
Tom McCann
20 Years

David Angle
Harold Farmer
W.F. Grahlman
William Grant
Allen Haywark

25 Years

Douglas Hidlebrant
E.C. Overholt
W.M. Williamson

30 Years

Daniel Park
W.J. Willis

35 Years

Robert Anderson
J.M. Aucoin
Murray Floyd
Howard Smith

40 Years

Stanley Kobylinski
Joseph McGarr

45 Years

Howard Wilson

55 Years

Robert Bradford
David Paterson

65 Years

George Buhlman
,A.J. McManamy

Past Officers - Medals and Pins - Presented by Branch President - John Murphy

                          Charlie Parsons - 3rd Vice President

                          Rick Valois - Veterans Services Officer

Certificates of Appreciation
                                      Marion Hunt


Ladies Auxiliary
Terrie Gubbins, Ladies Auxiliary President Br.36 presented a donation of $2000 to John Murphy, President of Br.36

Charities Committee
Donations made to local Sea, Army and Air Cadets
Poppy Fund

Acceptance of $15,000 for St.Joseph's Villa Veterans - Maureen Ellis
Acceptance of $15,000 for Juravinski Hospital Cancer Research - Roger Ali

2012 Legionnaire of the Year
George Martin

Closing Ceremonies
Jim Chesterfield, Legion Zone Commander delivers message to attendees
Closing comments by Charlie Parsons, Honours and Awards Chair, Br. 36
God Save the Queen
March off the Colours 

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