Juravinski Hospital Poppy Fund Equipment Photographs

On Monday, 29th May, 2017 Dundas Branch 36 representatives were invited to the Juravinski Hospital Cancer Centre to view equipment that purchased using the Dundas Poppy Funds contributions. of $15,000 made to the hospital.

The Poppy Fund run contribution was used to help in the purchase and operation of new equipment for the Juravinski Cancer Center. 

The nuclear medicine SPECT/CT camera combines two leading imaging technologies - SPECT and CT - to detect abnormalities and diagnose the patient.  As part of a SPECT/CT suite, this “smart” technology offers low patient radiation dose levels of up to 50% less than other scans, is more efficient, increases patient comfort and improves the patient experience (imaging times are significantly decreased), and helps clinicians gauge a patient’s progress more accurately, improving their treatment.   At a cost of $900,000, the new SPECT/CT camera provides state-of-the-art diagnostic capability.  The software to operate this new equipment cost an additional $100,000.

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  Photographs courtesy of Peter Whittaker and the Juravinski Hospital Cancer Centre

                             1.  Peter Whittaker, Branch 36 Public Relations Officer, Helaine Ortmann,
                                  Development Officer, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre and Jim
                                  Byron, Branch 36 Poppy Fund Chair stand with the hospital's new
                                  Spec/CT camera.  The Poppy Fund recently contributed $15,000 that
                                  helped to purchase this new equipment and the software required to run it.