Party held for Mike Alkerton and Joe Freelove Branch 36

On Saturday, 10th June, 2017 a party was .held for Legion members Mike Alkerton, and Joe Freelove.  It was also Joe Freelove's 97th birthday.

Mike and Joe both enjoyed the party attended by mnay of their Legion friends

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  All photographs courtesy of Judy Hall-Wright

                             1.  Joe Freelove and Mike Alterton's and their friends help Joe
                                  celebrate his 97th birthday.


                              2.  Joe Freelove is congratulated on his 97th birthday.

                              3.   Mike Alkerton and Joe Freelove's friends help them celebrate their birthdays.

                                4.  Mike Alkerton enjoys the party with his friends in the clubroom.

                              5.  Gord Sharpe enjoys the party for Mike Alkerton and Joe Freelove.

                              6.  Joe Freelove sits with friends helpoing him to celebrate his 97th birthday.

                              7.  Mike Alkerton and the other side of the table enjoyed themselves.

                                8.   Everyone sits down to do some serious celebrating for Joe Freelove and Mike Alkerton.

                              9.  Joe Freelove's 97th Birthday Cake.

                              10.  Dorothy Ffoord applauds Joe Freelove after the candles are lit on his birthday cake.