Fall Work Party - 5th November, 2017

On Sunday, 7th November, 2017 Volunteers came to Branch 36 for the 2017 Fall Work Party.  Even though there was a steady downpour of rain the volunteers working outside persevered through it with their tasks, and successfully cleaned up the gardens and parking lot in preparation for the Remembrance Day Service and Parade being held later this week on Saturday, 11th November.

A Volunteer group hung new flags on the flag poles mounted on the front of Brant 36.

Another Volunteer group worked on cleaning up the inside of the Branch 36 - washing and dusting the Clubroom and the Wentworth room. 

Another group worked on removing tables and chairs in the elevated area in the clubroom.  They then went on to hang curtains, and laid a carpet in the memorial display area.  They then positioned Memorial crosses for Branch 36 members who have passed away.  They then hung a model of a Lancaster bomber from the ceiling for Airforce Veterans, and positioned the HMCS Dundas display which includes the ship's bell from the 2nd World War vessel that carried the name of our Town for Naval Veterans.

After the work was done, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal brought in by fellow comrade Peter Martin and prepared by Marie Kobylinski. 

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  Branch 36 - 2017 Annual Fall Work Party Volunteers

Hugh Graham

Fred Haddock

Doug Harvey

Dave Hawthorne

Stan Hicks

Brian Holme

Gary Ingram

Marie Kobylinsky

Marilyn Latchford

Bill Leckie

Gary Logue

Janice Mancini

Peter Martin

Marian Miles

Ross Miles

Denny Moyer

Jack Murnahan

Larry O'Connor

Paul Penney

Bill Ralston

Doug Rivers

Linda Rivers

Helmut Schiller

Leo Shaidle

Gord Sharpe

Jim Sherring

Dave Steele

Brian "Doc" White

Mary Whittaker

Peter Whittaker

  Photographs courtesy of Peter Whittaker

   1.  Mary Whittaker washes and dusts memorial to HMCS Dundas

   2.  Cleaning up the food area set up in the Wentworth Room for the Poppy Fund Volunteers.

   3. Mary Whittaker and Linda Rivers discuss their work plan.

   4.  More cleanup in the Wentworth Room.

   5.  Bill Leckie takes a short rest in the clubroom.

   6.  Mary and Linda take a short rest from cleanup chores.

   7.  The clock over the bar receives a cleanup.

   8. Mary gives clock back to Bill Ralston to be hung on wall.                                               

   9.  Bill Ralston rehangs clock after its cleaning.

   10.  Bill Ralston holds the clock from the dart board area while it gets a dusting.

   11.  Mary and Linda give a final check of their work.

   12.  Volunteers have a happy smile now that their task is completed.

   13.  Helmut Schiller and Fred Haddock after putting a load on the trailer.

   14.  Jack Murnaghan carrying another load to the trailer.

   15.  Paul Penney, Brian White and Doug Harvey after cleaning up around the Peel Street entrance.

   16.  Dave Howlett and the boys work on cleaning up the parking lot.

   17.   Denny Moyer blowing the leaves into a pile.

   18.  Gary Ingram puttiing leaves into a trailer.

   19. Fred Haddock moves a load to the trailer.

   20.  Marion Miles always smiling while cleaning up the parking lot.

   21. Marion Miles and Fred Haddock piling up leaves and twigs.

   22.  Marion Miles and Fred Haddock take a short rest from raking.

   23.  Paul Pemney, Brian White and Doug Harvey take a break.

   24.  New Flags hung by Stan Hicks on the front of the Branch.

   25.  New Flags hung by Stan Hicks on the front of the Branch.

   26.  New Flags hung by Stan Hicks on the front of the Branch.
   27.  Branch 36 always looks better with new flags flying

   28.  Memorial poster in the front window of Branch 36.

   29.  With that great Legion decal on the windows Branch 36 is hard to miss.

   30.  Curtains hung and carpet laid in display area.

   31. Bill Ralston during the laying of carpet in display area,

   32.  Big Cross and memorial crosses out of storage and cleaned and dusted.

   33.  Gord Sharpe, Bill Ralston and Jim Sherring start getting displays set up.

   34.  Memorial crosses removed from storage and cleaned ready for use.

   35.  Doug Rivers and Bill Ralston take a short rest while setting up memorial display.

   36.  Gord Sharpe, Doug Rivers and Bill Ralston and Jim Sherring setting up memorial.

   37.  Gord Sharpe and Doug Rivers move memorial crosses to display area.

   38.  Display area ready for placement of memorial crosses.

   39.  Doug Rivers and Jim Sherring move crosses to display.

   40.  Jim Sherring and Bill Ralston work on display.

   41.  Gord Sharpe and Doug Rivers get crosses ready for display.

   42.  Gord and Doug share a joke while getting the job done.

   43.  Jim Sherring getting ready to place crosses.

   44.  Gord Sharpe, Doug Rivers and Jim Sherring start placing crosses.

   45.  They don't place themselves - its an exacting job.

   46.  As more crosses are added to display they must properly aligned.

   47.  Nearly  got all the crosses placed.

   48.  Gord Sharpe inspects displayed crosses.

   49.  Finally all the memorial crosses are placed and aligned.

   50.  Gord Sharpe and Doug Rivers hang bomber for airforce veterans.

   51.  It looks like the bomber is properly displayed.

   52.  Gord and Doug get ready to remove stepladder.

   53.   Gord and Bill inspect almost complete display.

   54.   Memorial for Naval Veterans finally in place.

   55.  Gord and Jim post flags in correct positions.

   56.  Finally added wreaths to display to complete the display.

   57.  A beautiful memorial display to our Veterans.