Fall Work Party - 8th November, 2015

On Sunday, 8th November, 2015 a total of 28 Legion members took part in a work party to ensure that the Branch was up to snuff for the Remembrance Day Parade and Service.

Members of the work party split up into groups and did various tasks around the branch including sweeping the parking lot, checking plants in the front gardens, planting new plants around the Legion property, cutting down and mulching a total of 5 full grown trees and spreading the mulch on plants around the property.

After the work was done, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal brought in by fellow comrade Peter Martin and prepared by Marie Kobylinski.

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  Branch 36 - 2015 Annual Fall Work Party Members
Mike Alkerton
Hugh Graham
Fred Haddock
Cheri Harrington
Stan Hicks
Brian Holme
Dave Howlett
Marie Kobylinski
Marilyn Latchford

Bill Leckie
Amelia Leroux
Cordelia Leroux
Elaine Leroux
Peter Martin
Denny Moyer
Jack Murnaghan
Larry O'Connor
Micky O'Connor

Paul Penney
Doug Rivers
Linda Rivers
Caitlin Robinson
Leo Shaidle
Gord Sharpe
Len Sharpe
Marv Turpin

  All photographs courtesy of Paul Penney

   1.  Jack Murnaghan and Denny Moyer removing debris.

   2.  Paul Penney and Jack Murnaghan.

   3.  Paul Penney removed some big limbs overhanging the parking lot.

   4.  Cheri Harrington painting the trim.

   5.  Marie Kobylinski always there to help.

   6.  Mike Alkerton and Doug Rivers kitchen cleaning.

   7.  Marie Kobylynski and Marylyn Latchford - Tireless workers.

   8.  Marv Turpin painting banquet hall doors.

   9.  Peter Martin and Hugh Graham.

   10.  A couple of Rivers group dusting bunnies - Amelia and Cordelia Leroux.

   11.  Dave Howlett pitching in.

   12.  From left to right Leo Shaidle, Fred Haddock and Bill Leckie.

   13.  Brian Holme and Stan Hicks changing the flags.

   14.  Larry O’Connor.

   15.  Len Sharpe and Micky O’Connor.

   16.  The Rivers gang always ready to help – Elaine, Amelia and Cordelia Leroux, Lynda Rivers and Caitlin Robinson.

   17.  Paul Penney and Gord Sharpe - Let's get er done!