Valley City Branch 36  - Royal Canadian Legion

2013 - Strongmen Demonstration

Sunday, 22nd September, 2013

President Dawn Lewis was able to get some gentlemen to hold a competition and demonstration of physical strengh.  Bleacher seats were set up behind Branch 36 in the parking lot and they were filled with viewers who came to see the demonstration. 

The Strongmen started their demonstration by taking turns attempting to tow a large truck along the side of the Legion building, which was followed by lifting an automobile's rear wheels of the pavement.

These events were followed with attempts to lift various levels of weights in the back parking lot. 

Care was taken not to damage the pavement when the weights were dropped by first lifting on the grassy horseshoe areas, and later dropping heavier weights onto a wood/rubber platform that was laid on the pavement. 

It is with great appreciation that we must thank each of the gentlemen, who paid a fee to participate and all of these entry fees were donated to Branch 36 at the end of the demonstration.

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Photographs supplied courtesy Dawn Lewis and Peter Whittaker

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