Royal Canadian Legion 

Valley City - Branch 36

Canada Day BBQ
Dundas Modular Railway Club Open House

Sunday, 1st July, 2012

  Photographs courtesy of Peter Whittaker

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1.  Guests arrive for Canada Day BBQ.

2.  The cooks fire up the BBQ and get ready to serve.

5.  Guests enjoy their
Canada Day BBQ meals.

4.  Cooks discuss BBQ'ing techniques with guest.

5.  Everyone enjoys a great BBQ meal.


6.  BBQ cooks try to get some shade from the hot sun.

7.   Cooks check orders on the BBQ grille.

8.  The Branch was well decorated for Canada Day.

9.  Mary and Peter Whittaker enjoy Canada Day.

10.  A big smile for Canada Day.

11.  Jim and Viv Thornton enjoy Canada Day.

12.  Bob and Judy Hall Wright dressed right for Canada Day.

13.  A prizewinner accepts prize.

.  The BBQ would never have been possible without the cooks.

15.  A good turnout ensured that everyone had a good time.

16.  The train club attracts viewers whenever they have an Open House.

17.  Club member answers questions about display.

18.  The scenery makes the display even more enjoyable for everyone.


19.  Guests see all sides of the display.


20.  Guests discuss the Dundas Modular Railway display.


21.  A close up shot of a train rounding a bend.


22.  Train Club members take a rest and discuss the display.


23.  The Train Club has a great display.


24.   A Train club member gets a locomotive ready to start its journey.


25.  Another train puts on its light and starts its journey.


26.  Train Club members are always working to improve their display.