Royal Canadian Legion 

Valley City - Branch 36 

Family BBQ

Sunday, 22nd July, 2012

  Photographs courtesy of Peter Whittaker

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1.  Everyone had a good seat and good company.

2.  Orders were quickly received and sent on to the cooks at the BBQ.

3.  Once your order was called out it was just a matter of picking it up.

4.  BBQ cook flips a tasty hamburger.

5.  Keeping the BBQ area neat provided for a safe work environment.

6.  The BBQ cooks had full griddles of food and prepared tasty meals for everyone.

7.  All the meals were served with a smile.

8.  Once you found a table it was time to relax and enjoy.

9.   Everyone enjoyed their mean that was prepared by great BBQ cooks.

10.  Families met at tables in the Wentworth room and enjoyed their refreshments.

11.  A large turnout enjoyed a great BBQ meal.

12.  The staff kept cool refreshments coming when requested.

13.  A great meal was had by all, along with conversation and discussion.

14.  Without these organizers this BBQ would never have happened.