Cemetery Cleanup and Veteran's Crosses - 2010

On Saturday 5th June, 2010, local army cadets assisted in the cleanup and marking of veterans graves in local Dundas Cemeteries.

All photographs supplied courtesy Bonnie Patro


1.  Murray Floyd, Branch 36 Sergeant-at-arms, and cadets disembark and get organized.


2.  Cadets get organized


3.  Bill Hyslop, Branch 36 Veterans Services / Seniors officer assists cadets.


4.  Murray Floyd and Bill Hyslop observe cadets


5.  Officer and cadet clean up a grave site and place a veteran's marker.


6.  Cadets place a marker on a veterans gravesite,


7.  Mike Alkerton at veteran's memorial in St.Augustine's cemetery.


Bill Hyslop at veteran's memorial in Grove cemetery.


9.  Cadets take well earned rest.


10.  Cadet places veteran's marker.


11.  Cadet places veteran's marker.


12.  Cadet completes cleanup and placement of marker.


Cadet completes cleanup and placement of marker.


Cadet observes placement of marker.


Cadet rests while placing markers.


16.  Cadets complete placement of marker at group veterans memorial.


Cadets cleanup after completing placement of markers.


Cadets clean up around markers.


19. Cadets gather for group picture after a hard day's work.